Liquid Mindsett Recordings

"We are the music-makers
and we are the dreamers of dreams"

Liquid Mindsett Recordings is a London based record label specialising in all aspects of house music.

It is the twisted contorted lovechild of three music heads whose passion for music and life in all its creation runs deep.

This website is representative of who we are and what we are about. It is not designed to shock but if you are shocked welcome to our world.

When we are not producing music for ourselves we are hard at work spinning out remixes or running our online radio station or putting on a party in some secret location for our friends in London.

Our influences stem across all genres but it was the underground explosion in Chicago & New York which brought House Music & Hip Hop to the world that is firmly embedded in our musical make up.

Life is beautiful, funny, crazy, angry, sexy, dirty and musical.

Thats what you will find on our website.


One Love
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